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“ethereal… captivating”

- Interview Magazine


"likened to the upper echelons of dark-pop, BANKS, Tove Lo and Lana Del Rey"

- The Line of Best Fit


"Jenna Kyle exemplifies a new strand of ethereal R&B blended with Indie -Electronica to create thoughtful, emotive art pop."

- Paste Magazine


Photo credit: Patrice Lighter

LA-based indie-pop artist, Jenna Kyle announces her debut EP, Ojos, will arrive on September 3, 2021 and today, she shares the first single from the project, "Tell Me," along with a new video. "Tell Me" is a capstone of Kyle's experience of trying on different personas and processes and the video explores the way people present themselves to the world. Kyle co-produced the new single with BAILE (Anjunadeep) and Grant Zubritsky (Verite, Nick Murphy) mostly remotely in their respective Brooklyn studios. Jenna Kyle says:

“Tell Me represents rejecting this idea of taking a bunch of feedback from everyone else around you about what you should do. After several projects ‘failed’ and I was working with somebody who always had to have the final say, I finally asked myself, “How is this guy trying to tell me what to do when he hates his own life?” At that point, I started really re-focusing on what I wanted to say, and my personal growth which led to this explorational dance video that pushed my boundaries of comfort in my own skin. In hindsight, the process of this song and video actually forced me to look at my need for external validation, which was what the initial concept was asking of me all along. I hope people come away from this song and project feeling like ‘If Jenna can do it, so can I.” 


The accompanying music video emerged as an exploration with director Jay Harwood, art director Gina Schiappacasse and choreographer Cesar Brodermann. Kyle strikes somewhat contorted poses in a rotating lineup of wearable art pieces, masks, and headpieces by Brooklyn staple artists including PJ Linden and Max Steiner, nodding to the Tik-Tok and Instagram obsession culture we’re all trapped in, as she sings ironically “Tell me what to wear, tell me what to think, tell me what to feel inside.”


As the first taste of the debut EP, "Tell Me" sets the tone for the release with its self-reflective lyrics, ethereal energy and head-nod-worthy beat. After a handful of singles, Kyle is carving out her pocket of indie-pop that's rooted in self-expression with a context that she defines. Her music is a permission slip for others to find their inner voice and go deeply into the heart space that seeks no confirmation or praise, where the goal is to express and not impress. Stay tuned for Ojos, the debut EP, due out this September.





Photo credit: Patrice Lighter



Jenna Kyle is an American singer-songwriter, producer and live electronic artist who creates music, experiences and aesthetics that transcend the day to day. Her music is not the soundtrack to your daily routine, it’s a portal to an alternate reality, the invitation to that feeling of ecstasy many of us chase or curate after-hours, when ‘real world’ responsibilities recede. The songs themselves do not necessarily exist to relate specific stories or experiences, but to create a space to let go.


Having spent the last 10 years in New York City, moving between the East Village and Brooklyn, she collaborated with an array of artists and immersed herself into the electronic and live music scene. Jenna moved to Los Angeles in 2020 where she currently resides.


Her music exemplifies a new strand of indie electronica blended with thoughtful, emotive art pop. With sultry laid-back vocals, Jenna Kyle brings her poetic and visually compelling lyrics to soulful depths, while keeping the often downtempo beats fresh and danceable.


With a sound and vision that transcends traditional pop but also stands apart from techno-house, Jenna Kyle draws upon her exploration of meditation, durational performance art, electronic soundscapes, 90’s R&B and a range of childhood influences from Pink Floyd to Nina Simone. Utilizing these greats as the backbone for her musicality, Jenna Kyle continues to pull inspiration from modern day live electronic influencers including Nicholas Jaar, Bonobo and James Blake.


Having already been likened to the upper echelons of dark-pop, BANKS, GRIMES, and Tove Lo, Kyle has a lot to live up to; but with her eclectic taste and unique background, she has managed to free her work from the confines of genre, allowing her to collaborate with an array of musicians, DJ’s, songwriters and multidisciplinary artists. 


Kyle’s debut single “Dust”, produced by Space 9 in January 2017, generated an impressive buzz for the new artist. Interview Magazine premiered the track calling it “ethereal” and “captivating,” and it was quickly picked up by Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Indie Pop Chillout playlists, while reaching #25 on the US and Canadian Viral Top 50 charts. Kyle’s second single, “Lovelorn,” produced by collaborator DJ/producer BAILE (Anjunadeep) was released a month later, in February 2017, and was featured on The Line Of Best Fit and Indietronica and performed well on HypeMachine. Jenna Kyle’s subsequent release “Summer With You,” a fun collaboration with Wes James (Le Youth), was released that same August along with an official music video and was quickly picked up by The 405 and Atwood Magazine, and featured on HypeM’s Popular Playlist and Goldroom’s Endless Summer Playlist on Spotify. “Summer” was chosen for Andaz Hotel’s launch campaign and played on American Airlines flights and in their lounges worldwide. In 2018 Kyle released “Paths,” an ethereal ode to letting go and finding oneself, along with an official music video co-conceptualized and shot by director Rachel Kessler (Honto88).


In addition to writing and producing her own material, Jenna Kyle was featured on Brooklyn-based DJ/Producer BAILE’s last two EP’s and continues to collaborate with big names in the electronic world as a featured vocalist and songwriter.


Prior to releasing her solo music Jenna Kyle was a featured musician and performer in Temporary Distortion’s acclaimed performance art installation, “My Voice Has An Echo In It”. A haunting 6-hour, mixed media saga, within which Kyle moved unexpectedly between vocal patterns, keyboards and drums provided a stage for the multi-instrumentalist to experiment within the durational performance art space. "Echo" has been featured in The New York Times, American Theatre Magazine, at the PS122 festival in 2015, the Yates Center at the Chicago Cultural Center and held residency at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center in 2016.


Additionally, Jenna Kyle’s original song “Keep Moving On” was selected by the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) for their 2014 National Fall campaign #iwillisten. Kyle continues to advocate for a variety of health and environmental causes.


Taking 2020 to focus on honing her craft as a producer, Jenna has been diving inwards and fans can expect her new, most personal music yet in the form of a debut EP this Fall.































Photo credit: Patrice Lighter


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